Real-life reservation system that change the way that reservations happens.

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by MaYoMo

Clients pick the table they want. Bussiness gets the clients.

This is an innovative web based booking platform, which is an intermediary between customers and clubs/bars/restaurants.
You are able to choose the exact place (table/seat) you wish to be seated within the interior of the chosen club/bar/restaurant and reserve it online. When you choose a place this is automatically reflected on the booking system of the business allowing them to easily and conveniently accommodate you at your desired table/seat.
In addition, the platform allows users to explore incoming events and also add exciting offers to the booking.

Bussiness Way
Clients Way

Pick exatly the place you like The easiest and the most fun way for clients to book a table

Create a high-quality, vector-based scheme for the bussiness Each bussiness client is able to create the scheme by theirselves

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by MaYoMo